The Long Wow

Geoff posted my How to Take Over the World whiteboard the other day and I thought I would expand on just one part of the overall plan.

This particular section has to do with the two parts of branding: identifying who you are, why you do what you do.

But more importantly I wanted to share with you the idea of the what some call the long wow. Your brand goes into your business’ purpose alignment and through many engagements with a person you build a relationship. It’s one thing to be remarkable, it’s an entirely another story when you can be remarkable many times over a span of time.

Take Zappos for instance… not only do they wow you once, but they wow you over and over again with things like:

- free shipping
- great customer service
- quality products

To really get the bang for your buck it’s all about the long wow, and to do this you really have to saturate your company (practices, culture, and every day behavior) with your brand purpose and alignment.

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